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Society News -Australian Channeller Blossom Goodchild Predicted Mass UFO Sighting On October 14th 2008. Scam Or Truth?

By Stephane Wuttunee 

On October 14th, 2008, hundreds of thousands of people around the world will train their eyes to the skies in the hopes of seeing whether or not Australian channeler Blossom Goodchild made good on her prediction: that a massive Extraterrestrial spacecraft and its occupants would visit planet Earth and allow their presence to be known internationally for a minimum of three days.

Goodchild went public with her message from The Federation of Light on August 22nd of this year, in the form of a simple e-mail sent to 125 of her contacts. The announcement spread quickly (without her knowledge and help for the most part) via You Tube videos as well as blogs and web sites. In fact, the topic is so hot that in online forums dedicated to UFOlogy or the paranormal, it is the only thing many members can talk (and argue) about.

Since August, Blossom herself has appeared on several Internet Radio shows and with hosts such as; Mike Quinsey, Lia Ramses (Underworld), Captain Jack (Paranormal Radio), and others to help promote the message. The mainstream media of course, have chosen to leave the topic alone, save for a few local and regional outlets such as;, The Independent Online, The Clanton Advertiser, and

So, what differentiates Goodchild from cult leaders and frauds? For one, in contrast to groups and societies where adepts are expected to cough up hundreds if not thousands of dollars (or in some cases, their testes, identities, and hair) to rise up the ranks, Goodchild herself is not asking for people to show up on her doorstep and swear their allegiance. Most all of the information is made public and given freely on her website. In fact, she seems to prefer that they simply stay where they are and just look upward on the fourteenth, saying that this event involves a spiritual awakening for all rather than focus upon one person. Also, her prediction was made public so close to the date on which the phenomenon is slated to take place that it essentially crippled her chances of benefiting financially by means of media exposure as well as e-Book and CD sales. With October 14th being so near, most reasonable people will simply not bother purchasing any of her products and services. They will wait until after mid-October instead. Lastly, the main factor setting Goodchild apart is that judging from her radio interviews and videos, she seems just so…well, nice. It almost feels as though an aunt is relaying the message rather than someone who calls themselves a medium or channeler.

What are some of the possible consequences of this prediction coming to pass, then? Globally speaking, the timeline for Disclosure by governments worldwide would certainly accelerate to breakneck speed. Rather than expect Disclosure in months or years, it might come in mere days or weeks following such an event. With the Million Fax on Washington event looming, having ET show up could only help. Also, for the first time in human history, a whole new paradigm shift within our consciousness would undoubtedly take place and people would begin asking themselves questions by looking within rather than simply trusting worldly bodies.

For Blossom on the other hand, it is safe to say that in case this happens on the fourteenth, her private life would be severely disturbed by all types of people and expectations for many months to come. She could safely expect a constant barrage of phone calls and pleas by people in states of emotional distress to lead them out of the darkness. Offsetting that however of course, would be a dramatic increase in book sales and worldwide recognition by the media - and perhaps a few visits by shadowy military and intelligence types.

And if it doesn't come to pass, well…no big deal. Goodchild will be bombarded with an onslaught of hate mail and derisive remarks for a short while and will simply resume with her life. The incident would have at least created a stir within the UFOlogy community and made people come together to discuss whether or not mediumship is a valid source of information. With science being mostly a male dominated field, it would be nice for a more intuitive and less purely rational form of intelligence gathering to take its place as well.

Unfortunately, seeing this prediction fail also means that similar predictions made by other mediums in the future will be encountered by much fiercer resistance and ridicule: and yet perhaps that is a good thing.

When objectively analyzing the world situation, one cannot help but realize how stellar and perfect some form of benevolent outside intervention would be right now (whether or not such intervention would be welcomed by us is another story). To put it bluntly, the world is a mess. A disaster even. Sure, humans have a track record of pulling together in a crisis and getting themselves out of trouble, but such acts always took place on a stage that wasn't falling apart at the seams. The immediate threats of global economic collapse and wars both pale in comparison to the oncoming juggernaut of environmental catastrophe. We need help - preferably in the form of inspiration, mentorship, and guidance rather than saviorship. The good kind of big brother (and sister). Can Goodchild's prediction be the winning ticket to that kind of turnaround?

Eyes to the skies!

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