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World Politics News - September 11th, 2001: 53 Americans of 100 don't believe to the official version

United States - The majority of adult U.S. population believe the Bush Government has partially or interely hidden the truth on Sept 9/11: 53% for being correct, according to a New York Times-Cbs opinion survey. And more, 28% of population is convinced the Governement told lies about what happened that day. There's a 16% anyway keeping believe the official version.

It's an impressioning fall, if we think that in the far 2003, as Bush proclamed war to Saddam, 86 U.S. citizens of 100 supported him in the "war against global terrorism". In 2002, the same opinion survey with the same question found that 21% of population believed at the 9/11 official version, more than today's 16%. Then, 63% was convinced that the U.S. Administration could "cover something up", against today's 53%. This is because the U.S population believing in a "big lie" have gone up from 8% to 28%.

An essay written by Philip Senon, famous NY Times's writer who followed the works of Parliament Commission on 9/11, can cause the number of doubting people increase. The work, titled «The Commission: The Uncensored History of the 9/11 Investigation», is centerd upon the caracter of Philip Zelikow, elected (from White House) as executive director of 9/11 Commission, to be the head of investigations.

Zelikow could select testimonials to admit, materials to bring as proofs, and filter the entire documents collection upon the case. Now, the news is what all the big news media networks already kewn: Zelikow had on his head an incredible quantity of interests' conflicts. Personal friend of Condoleezza Rice, (they worked together in the National Security Council during Bush Sr. administration, Zelikow was in charge of the «transition team» for Bush Jr., that is the group who assured the transition from outgoing president (Clinton) to the newcomer one. A work that required a very close presidential trust. Trust confirmed just a month after 9/11 of 2001, as George Bush jr. appointed Zelikow as Head of President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board (PFIAB).

As the most of you already know, the PFIAB is a very riserved office used as interface between the president and the various U.S. intelligence's agencies: CIA, DIA, National Security Agency and FBI. His sixteen members has the role to check the ultra-reserved informations coming from these agencies, to value their validity and to bodily refer those to the president. For this very delicate task, Zelikow could completely access to the most kept secret sources of spying and counterspy.

With this kind of "investigator" in charge of the Parliament Commission's probes, every criticism to the White House for the plain inability (or worse?) to prevent the mega-assassination attempt made by the so-called Bin Laden, has been obviously neutralized. All this was already know to media companies before.

The detail going to be revealed now could really let someone say "no, I can't read this anymore". An Italian writer, Maurizio Blondet ( referred something hot in one of his book (Israle, USA e il terrorismo islamico. EFFEDIEFFE, 2005, p.159). Philip Zelikow, while speaking to a few political analysts selected at Virginia University on 9/10/2002, declared to them that Iraq didn't have atomic bombs and was not preparing to use them against USA, as Bush was repeating those days. He confided: «Why should Iraq use nuclears weapons against us? I tell you what real danger it represents, being so since 90's: he's a threat for Israel». But this reason cannot be let know, he said more, «because it's a kind of governing not so popular». Namely, helping Israel to get rid of its enemies.

The news is not in what Shenon reveals. Instead, the fact that a writer of NY Times, the most ufficious of great news media companies, does report those facts today. Suspicion and incredulity toward the official version is going up from the «marginal conspiracy theorists» to the influencing medias. Anyway, if this could be considered a concret threat for the official version and for Bush itself, it's still not clear.

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