Thursday, January 31, 2008

Society News - Vet Assistant has College Degree - At Age 10

Veterinarians at a Washington State vet clinic are amazed that one of their assistants can do the work she's doing, given her unique situation.
Here is a story about a very special young lady that knows exactly what she will be doing for the rest of her life.

Time for surgery at the South Bay Veterinary Hospital in Olympia.
Dr. Michelle Shoemaker is being assisted by Courtney Oliver, a certified veterinary assistant who just completed her college coursework.
It's hard to tell which ones which with their masks on.

But part way through the surgery it's clear who's who.
The really tiny one is Courtney.
At 10-years-old, she is still elementary school-aged, and has a college degree.
A 10-year-old with an on-line certification as a veterinarian assistant.
And in eight months Courtney had the same certification as her adult co-workers.
Courtney says she knew early in life this is what she wanted to do.
Dr. Shoemaker has been Courtney's mentor.
"She's amazing," exclaimed Dr. Shoemaker.
"She's a wonderful girl. Always been so bright, very very smart actually."
"Dr. Shoemaker and I are like twins," said Courtney.
"We just love animals. We just wanted to do this because this is our thing."
Despite all of her qualifications and despite her college degree, Courtney can't be here by herself. State law says that she's just too young.
But don't tell Courtney, this 10-year-old is too busy tending to the needs of these veterinary patients.

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