Friday, December 21, 2007

Science News - Russian scientists claim if asteroid hits Mars, Earth unaffected. Should we believe them?

December 21st, 2007

ST. PETERSBURG, (RIA Novosti) - An asteroid, which is believed to be on a collision course with Mars, will not affect the Earth if it hits the ‘Red’ planet in January 2008, a Russian Academy of Science spokesman said on Friday.
Sergei Smirnov said the asteroid, which is traveling at 8 miles per second, was discovered in November by American scientists.
He said the explosion could be on a scale equal to the Tunguska event, when a meteorite, which crashed into central Siberia in 1908 caused destruction on a nuclear scale. The enigma still thrills scientists all over the world.
“It will not influence the Earth in any way,” Smirnov said.

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pepe said...

Someone please correct me if im wrong, if it hits mars, the earth will be off hook, but if it misses, the earth is in deep crap.

NewsFinder said...

Hi pepe!
Thanks for reading and posting your comment. The news is quite interesting, and I'm happy you show curiosity about this. I'm not expert of astronomy, but what I think is important here is to have all the information available, and when you don't have them, ignorance and slavery reigns. I'm sure we'll receive a deeper comment in the future, anyway, now, we can look at something that seems sciencefiction, but deserve to be investigated. It's about the 12th planet. Enjoy the video at